Cloud of Fashion


He is Bence Bakonyi, and he is behind our new “Cloud of Fashion” campaign…
Bence Bakonyi was born in 1991 in Keszthely, Hungary. He demonstrated a passion for photography from an early age, and studied at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. He complemented his training with travels to Asia, where he experimented with both art images and documentary photography. His work has been exhibited in a number of the world’s most prestigious galleries, and the powerful appeal of his images has led to collaborations with international publications including The Guardian and Wired. His work represents symbols of freedom and transcendence, with a singular capacity to connect reality and fantasy and an approach to universal questions regarding the human condition. Bakonyi currently divides his times between Budapest and Kuwait.


The Mission

From the start, Première Vision Paris has promoted materials – their creativity and their know – hows. These values remain the core focus of the dialog between Première Vision Paris and the fashion world’s artisans and creatives.

Seizing creativity at its source, decoding it, spotting the right disruptors – this is our mission. Balancing a deep immersion with a broad overview is critical to the task. And that is why Première Vision Paris is changing, and leads you today into a new world. A real and connected world encompassing the shapes and materials of tomorrow, the coming patterns, the future bests and as yet unseen developments, trades and services. An intense and inspiring experience that
opens new business to all its partners.

With its new tagline «Première Vision Paris Cloud of Fashion,» the brand promises to help you soon discover a continuous stream of selective information, a virtual creative stock to prolong the experience of its shows. Because the upstream universe is an invigoratingly vibrant fashion scene.