Frumat, from apples to skins


Italy’s Frumat was born of an observation: every year the Tyrol region, one of the world’s largest apple-producing regions, is faced with a significant amount of food-production waste. To reinvest this waste in an additional economic production, the company developed a new raw material resembling paper.

Building on this initial success, and looking to steer the project into creative domains, the company founder then developed Pellemela, a leather substitute made of 50% recycled apple fibre and 50% polyurethane. Fashioned at the production site itself, the material is available in over 20 references, and features a variety of thicknesses, textures, embossings and laser printings. It can be produced on demand and easily personalised.

The apple-based material was hailed at Milan’s latest Green Carpet Fashion Awards – the annual event dedicated to more sustainable fashion spearheaded by activist Livia Firth – and has proved its worth in both the leather goods and clothing industries.

As the cry mounts for increased transparency in the fashion industry, Frumat is producing an innovative and traceable material with infinite creative possibilities.


Take a step closer to responsible fashion – come join Frumat at the Smart Square, Hall 3.