Smart creation AW1819

A season that broadly supports responsibility and respect for the environment, engendering ever more appealing and intelligent solutions. An exceptionally creative and generous season, for resolutely fashionable and sexy silhouettes.

Recycled cotton and synthetics, regenerated wool and cashmere are particularly spotlighted in yarns, fabrics and accessories for labels.
In technical products and fabrics for sports and performance, the use of a more environmentally-friendly chemical in the manufacturing process designed to replace PFC * with more eco-friendly products has led to the emergence of particularly innovative products.
In leather, chrome-free products are particularly attracting attention , and furs with more respectful dyes and finishes are highlighted among the most relevant initiatives.

In accessories, a focus on new materials: bagasse and castor for buttons, labels in recycled PET * or “stone paper” made from limestone residue, and reprocessing of electroplating water for metallic components.

*PFC= perfluorinated compound
*PET = polyethylene terephthalate