Season opening : Fabrics S/S19

More softer, more moving, more lightweight, more discreet, more creamy, more delicate, more sustainable, more technical: forthrightly, delicately, fabrics recount a feeling of spring in the air, and the rebirth of an intoxicating optimism.

Everything seems to be brightening up, and this overall feeling of clarity takes on the look of luminous blurs or delicate paleness. Plains are freshly bleached, or skilfully faded. Mirage-like surfaces play games with shine and transparency. A notion of suppleness is closely tied to a bodily enthusiasm, a desire for fluidity and lightness in our movements. This lightness is expressed through delicate textures, whether printed, pleated, cloqué or embossed, and through fragilely drawn motifs, from sensitive contours to imperfect flat tints. Fantasy is treated with fineness and restraint, to reconnect with natural aspects and a modernized authenticity. Vegetable textile fibres mix with high-performance finishings, reflecting a commitment that resonates louder each season: a respect for the environment.