Season opening : Designs S/S19

Layering, drawing, imbricating, stippling, placing, fusing: spring summer 19 reveals the hand behind the art, highlighting the beauty in making things, and valuing the moment of creativity.

Thus, the return of oil, acrylic and gouache painting eloquently translates the artistic gesture and spirit of this new season.These new, invented territories reveal an attention to detail, as well as the ability to create a world hovering between the natural and the artificial.

Colours are worked meticulously, fuse together, and revive photographic landscapes. They bring out shapes and motifs that are repeated or accumulated to create geometric assemblages. Flowers and geometries are encrusted as simple shapes, thrillingly blending together references to tell new stories. Handheld pencils draw refined lines; felt tips, brushes and flat tints give birth to funny animals and landscapes with abstract grounds.