Updating S/S20: colours

The Updating colours for spring-summer 2020

The season’s looking to be a happy one! A remarkably balanced and diverse season is on its way, with warm and cold hues, dense tones and quite pale ones, and naturals revved up by artificial shades.

A sophisticated trio takes the lead, featuring our “earthly emotion”, a reddish-brown colour that is a strong favourite, along with “watery lawn” and “howling orange”, two invigorating synthetic shades that are proving indispensable. A desire for visually stunning colour, coupled with an urge for freshness, boost “blank zero” and the crisp “winds of freedom” to 4th and 5th place.

Enquete Couleurs printemps-été 2020

couleurs printemps-ete 2020

couleurs printemps-ete 2020

couleurs prinetmps-été 2020

A summer that celebrates colour, flaunting it in head-to-toe looks and outer layer pieces, with the yellow “mechanical sun” leading the pack.
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