Accessories focus : Sensitive simplicity


Accessory trends for the Autumn Winter 18/19 season for the RTW market : a focus on a sensitive simplicity.

The need to rediscover real peace is imperious, an essential breathing space to refocus on details.
Plunge into the subtleties of the material where components have the appearance of raw minerals or marbled concrete, sophisticated porous textures and studied rusticity.
Surfaces are brushed to evoke rustic patinas that have developed over time.
Softness is enhanced by components that help to accumulate softness, with chenille Petersham ribbons and needle-punched patches.
Somewhere between quarried rock and organic concrete, second-hand and new composite materials, recycled mother-of-pearl, sugar cane pulp and hemp offer refined alternatives to the traditional wool and polyester.
Colour and preciousness are infused rather than displayed here, research is focused on sensation and texture.
Polar lights are haloed with colour, winter whites develop towards milky yellows and bleached pollen.