Accessories focus : Ornamental cacophony


Accessory trends for the Autumn Winter 18/19 season for the RTW market : a first focus on an ornemental cacophony.

Accumulations of accessories take it up a notch. They are not afraid to embellish already opulent decorations with flashy, embroidered, crystal-bestrewn, satiny or velvety ornaments to illustrate a decadent elegance with abrasive humour.
Details in reflective hound’s tooth, flocked chains, oversized markings, lenticular patterns, convoluted scrolls; references blend together, the Renaissance hits the street, flamboyant Gothic combines with high-tech, tailoring merges with sportswear.
Surfaces are glazed, polished, coated, never authentic.
In the more nocturnal version, in a troubling garden, floral embroideries with giant petals and buttons with shiny scales creep over collars and cuffs.
A murky romanticism teems with beaded talismans and baroque insects, which people the garments of a richly-colourful season.
Dyes shimmer on velvets and moirés, with incandescent oranges and vibrant purples.