PV’s Yarns & Knitwear selection for S/S 2020

Exploring the idea of Change for Spring Summer 20 we seek a dynamic engagement with emotion, experimenting with new materials and technologies to heighten their disruptive impact. Knitwear invites us to change our perceptions, to look beyond convention in search of a greater empathy and synergy between wearer and product. Taking a sustainable approach to yarns, stitch and garment development.

Our Yarns & Knitwear selection

Engaged commitment

The continued commitment to sustainability pushes a greater shift towards considered sourcing and development, whilst allowing for fun, responsible creativity. Demonstrating a transparency of the production cycle of manufacturing, from fibre choice, processing and finishing with an openness and clear simplicity. New technologies offer improved well-being through functionality, flexibility and durability whilst remaining sustainable.

Shifted tactilitty

Activating a multisensory experience through combining the visual and tactile, provoking a sense of surprise with enhanced sensory richness that contradicts touch with sight. Creating a desire to interact with a wider variety of fibres, yarns and materials to enhance and modify handles. Yarns and knits display a rawness evoking a real identity, from refined and sensual handles to more pronounced novelties.

Disruptive aesthetic

Allowing creativity to overflow in yarns with disruptive decorative aspects. Visually enticing effects that offer a humour and energy in both colour techniques and spinning novelties. Surfaces are less discreet with a bolder, highly visible quality and distinct decorative impact, presenting a powerful graphic frankness. A generous approach with a new fluidity and sensuality harnessing light and lustre.

Premiere Vision Manufacturing Knitwear

The concept of change flows dynamically through knitwear, evaluating and provoking a new dialogue between yarn, knitwear and the wearer. Adjusting the mindset and adaptability of knitwear to allow a more sustainable approach utilizing seamless constructions to reduce waste and increase efficiency, extending the garments’ lifespan and use through developing multiple functionality.

Garments offer a changed sensory experience though creating provocative surfaces from bursting textures to polished gleam, using unexpected combinations of smooth and multi-dimensional constructions that can expose or alter shapes and form.

Changing the appearance, remodeling bodies and shapes by manipulating structures and forms to affirm a body consciousness. Augmenting volume and drape to break with conventional knitwear. Femininity is exaggerated through the use of fluidity and transparency.