PV’s jewellery selection for S/S 2020

Jewellery components this summer are simple and relaxed. Summer 2020 moves away from both minimalism and over-emphasis, to leave a place for impactful and fun jewellery.

A pop and pristine geometry is displayed around neck and wrists. Earrings have a penchant for the mismatched. Constructions are geometric, with imposing architectural volumes, engraved graphic lines, or alternating round and square beads. The shine comes from waxed cottons in neon colours, or facetted stones in acidic colours. Chains include unexpected imbrications and deteriorated galvanisation or anodization, giving the impression of jewellery in a constant state of flux. Weaves are captured as inclusions in translucent resins to create completely new forms of basketwork. Diamanté appears in matching shades, combining a matt or shiny version to create optical illusions. Resins play with metallic marbling, for a result that is both coloured and hypnotic.

Jewel Focus