PV’s Essentials selection for S/S 2020

The season’s Essentials compose a very spirited harmony, full of lightness in motion, fleeting tracing-paper transparencies, moving iridescent lights and vibrant colours that enliven plains and highlight shirting and suiting patterns.


Weightless textures: filtered transparencies enlivened with fine linen slubs and sheer cottony overlays. Delicately turbulent translucent silkies, shivering crepons, light seersuckers. For evening, super matt silky organzas and light clouds of silk. 

Petal-like softness: caressing satiny fabrics, sanded crepes with tiny matt grains, surfaces sprinkled with light.

Crystallized sparkles: for dressy looks, cellophane transparencies, mousseline and voile with iridescent reflections, silkies and figureds with a delicately shot paleness, whitened rainbows, scarab and dragonfly metallisations.


Borderline translucence: lightness without transparency, or transparency with character. Classics and semi-plains updated by their weights, large-checked linen voiles, fine gauzes, shivering tracing-papers.

Muted: jacquards with yarn or weave irregularities, no-contrast semi-plains. Softly faded checks and stripes, a neo-country spirit delicately drawn on ecru or sunny grounds.

Bold stripes: Nautical versions drawn in coloured pencil or neon highlighters to rev-up city shirts, or boldly exotic versions on linen grounds.

Tee-shirt knits

Tactile sensations: crepe jerseys, crystallised synthetic voiles, dry and slippery fluids. Enlarged honeycombs, net and tulle structures to update sport mesh. Graphic or monochrome stripes, set off by texture and plays on stitch points. Linen terry and jerseys for new sensations.

Runny fluidity: fine, fluid and relaxed fleece, Lyocell or Cupro blends to accentuate slipperiness, rubbery and extra-stretchy sensations, enrobing handles.


No-gender fluids: pant weights grow lighter and more fluid thanks to Lyocell and Cupro for fresh, natural comfort. The discreet irregularities of linen and cotton lend character to handles.

Impeccable cottons: firmly-set structures, fine yarns, smooth surfaces without any roughness or visible weaves, dense and uniform cottony knits for simple, durable, good quality casualwear.

Citified stripes: sunny, wider, livelier ticking stripes, lighter-weight Oshkosh, fresh seersuckers bridging casual and suiting styles, a gently modernised peasant spirit.


Uniform treatments: soft and regular washing-outs, updated snowy whitening.  

Fantasy on the menu: linen slubs, jacquards, prints or even embroidery for enriched tone-on-tone surfaces.


Men’s & women’s suits and jackets

Virtuoso fineness: cotton or wool gauzes so fine they aren’t transparent but merely naturally ‘air-conditioned’. Wool voiles so fine and dense they’re opaque, with soft, fresh handles for body-skimming suits.

Tamed linens: a citified linen, extremely refined with almost imperceptible slubs and barely speckled aspects, not quite perfect surfaces with the semblance of crepon or very slightly visible washing-outs.

Lit-up jackets: classic Prince of Wales and yarn-dyeds highlighted with flashy or even fluorescent coloured threads, plaids veering towards hyper-coloured and madly tropicalized madras.


Dresses and women’s suits

Fresh or lineny fluidity: slippery, heavier suit and dress weights for a “full” fluidity in knits or wovens. Glazed, sanded and structured crêpes, cold piqués. Springy viscose, Cupro, acetate and polyamide.  More fluid and cooler linen blends.

Moving surfaces: fine seersuckers, small cloqués and dynamic pleats ready to dance around the body.

Bold gleam: perfectly smooth satiny textiles and silkies with wet reflections to bounce back light, luxurious silks with strange rubbery handles. Plain and coloured lamés that explore the season’s fresh palette.


Trenches and coats

City silkies: 100% synthetic plains or yarn-dyeds for tomorrow’s new classics, coats and jackets to be glued-welded. Raincoats with elegant semi-technical, semi-silky reflections, for functional and space-saving featherweight overcoats.

Iridescent plastics: plasticised transparencies as pearly as soap bubbles; transparent vinyl coatings glazing colour-wovens, suitings and cottons without masking them.

Eye-catching tweeds: high-colour colourways right up to fluorescents, lit up with iridescent or crystallized sparkles. Spectacular canings, rustic gauzes and cotton canvas that redesign rawness with precision and more lightness.