PV’s Design selection for S/S 2020

A summer 2020 where patterns are expressed with colour’s full force and panache. Played in two-tones or tri-tones, flowers, geometries and abstracts have maximum impact, for a high-summer atmosphere! Motifs are drawn in solid flat tints or in filters, allowing the traces of a brush or paint come alive, always in striking combinations. Plucked from another world, prickly and acidic bouquets mix with stylized, precisely arranged flowers, in elegant colourways. Imaginary worlds continue to happily inspire: the wildlife of the savanna mingles with disturbing jungles and tropical forests, and night-time cities evoke graphic binary interferences.

Flying the colour flag

Colour is played for dazzle, while flat-tint motifs are scaled so large they make designs look almost abstract. Foliage, florals and fruit, stripes and checks, have singular, eye-catching combinations, with suggested placements and invigorating graphic treatments. Collage-treatments and arrangements of ultra-neat or solid graphic flat-tints, along with pictorial texture such as the trace of a brush or an irregular felt pen, bring motifs to life. The interplay of layered filters injects energy into surfaces, creating new colours.  

Worrisome flowers

Dissonant associations for grating flowers, as if from another world: extravagant and otherworldly petals impart touches of light on darkened grounds, dissected bouquets emanate a strange atmosphere and sharp lines sketch out sinister floral outlines. Stripes mix among them, creating dynamic, colourful alternations.

Fantastical bestiary

Animals and insects adorned in jewellery and finery are sketched with a high degree of wit and imagination. They flood surfaces and are drawn with precision, delicacy and agility. Chimeras drawn from antiquity, bugs from enchanted forests and fauna from the distant tropics are all designers’ chosen subjects.

Pointillist vibrations

Like a digital form of Impressionism, micro-geometries blur one’s view, and twinkle like digital interference. Mini graphics are arranged, interspersed and layered in a repeated and shifted manner. Cubic lights and halted geometries alternate randomly or algorithmically, in an elegant urban atmosphere.

Graphic ethnics

Indonesian and African influences infuse a transporting exoticism: flowers are neatly arranged, stylised, and mixed with geometrics. The interiors and contours of petals are adorned with little dots. Outlines are neat and precise, sometimes enlarged, and stories are told inside medallions on structured and geometricized grounds.