Perspectives S/S19


The refinement and sophistication of graceful lines and deceptively fragile materials, plays on milky transparencies and powdery layerings, delicate halos and second-skin fusions.


The sensuality and comfort of blends, a full and dense suppleness : creamy and suave, talc-like and stretch, architected in roundness, high-design weaves, moving and undulating.


Positive experiments between nature and artifice, strange bi-materials, composite flowers and animals. Modified and augmented plants, controlled and sensitive irregularities.


Dapper or subtle sparkle, subtly sprinkled, in soap bubbles or syrupy transparencies, with a generously jellified, delicately crystallised, clearly plastic or wet look.


Smooth and impeccable ultra-plains, exceptional stripes, structures and pleats, authentic and contemporary densities, graphic nobles, rigorous and joyful constructions.