Opening Accessories A°19 W°20

Porosity is the key word for the autumn-winter 2019/20 season.
Magic operates at the frontiers of these universes, where the centric and the eccentric combine to give rise to a daily life that is as crazy as it is well designed.
Accessories grow protective and surround the garment with softness, an enveloping roundness that invites materials to adopt a malleable air. Solid, earthy materials draw their inspiration from a virtuous nature.
At the same time, a fantastical and exuberant world unfolds: surfaces with disrupted transparencies; controlled oxidations; tamed fringes, hairs and feathers; neo-terrazzo; and decoration drawn straight from daydreams.


Discover the first indications of the season’s leather developments at the Blossom Première Vision show this coming 4 and 5 July 2018.