Outer & Over

Highlights for outerwear, coats, jackets, suits, pants, jeans, trenches, parkas, blousons and other tailored items. Plains and fancies, in cotton, linen-y, woollen or synthetic versions. Chic or relaxed suitings, tweeds and compact knits.



Illusion of thickness: coarse yarns, magnified textures that aren’t raw or rustic. Airy thick weaves, cotton gauzes that offload weight and let air through. Simple jacquards and stripes with pale grounds and astonishingly supple, light and fresh handles. Blocked knits, stabilised fleeces and stiff piqués for outer garments with a nautical flair.
Dry handles: on the one hand, a feeling of tiny grains for cottons and wools dried out by synthetic blends, by over-twisted yarns, or by weave textures. On the other, a feeling of crunchy paper, with linens and cottons with deliberately artificial, matt coatings.
Ethno-fantasy: freshened-up ethnic or primitive decoration. Light-toned grounds, spruce or fruity colourways, simplified and graphic patterns for cheery and fantasy-filled jackets and coats. Pale artisanal tweeds with a flowery rusticity. Jacquards and embroideries on denim or chambray grounds.
Artificial shine: synthetic satiny fabrics, cottony gleam, finely varnished coatings for light-reflecting blousons and raincoats.



Lively fineness: a new kind of non-limp fluidity energizes masculine suitings. Ultra-fine yarns, dense and lightweight weaves, 100% wool or with a little stretch, fresh handles. Visuals remain elegant and sober.
A trace of shiver: very subtly quivering cotton or wool suitings, moving seersucker checks. A summery and relaxed spirit.
Up for air: transparency in a masculine vein. Very chic worsted wools with open weaves, dry gauze, mohair accents, and micro openwork for naturally breathable suits.
Chic linen: very fine linen with no trace of rusticity for naturally elegant suitings. Blends with wool or cotton, barely perceptible slubs, and dry, slightly papery handles.



Dynamic fluidity: artificial fibres take the throne. Viscose, Cupro or Lyocell with soft and fresh handles. Ultra smooth surfaces, nervous and slippery handles. Gleaming or powdery aspects.
Artificial vegetal fibres: linens and natural blends / Lyocell with bold shine. Fabrics midway between a silky handle and a natural look.



Ultra-neat : frankly clean casualwear with very fine and opaque cotton stretch blends for ultra lightweight pants. Satiny gleam all in suppleness. Two-tone micro-patterns for discreetly fancy jackets or pants. Impeccable knit or woven piqués.
Intense suppleness: a linen-y or cottony feeling of substance softened by looser weaves, artificial blends and finishes that lend suppleness. Heavy and ultra nonchalant handles in denim.
Tone-on-tone decoration: the DNA of camouflage, with precise blobs and dabs in indigo or cottony jacquards, prints on pant or blouson weights.



Linings relax. Small textures or precise irregularities.
Bucolic prints to set the insides of jackets and blousons abloom.