Opening AW 20/21 : Designs

The 20-21 season introduces more human, protective, seductive, often quite moving and enchanting fashions. Augmented reality is seen as caring, intimate. Personal expressions – whether hidden or highly visible – bloom with originality. Fantasy provides a shelter from gloom. Aesthetics draw on imaginary worlds, without temporal or cultural boundaries. Nature is transformed – becoming hybrid, artificial, or brutal. A mutant, strange and dream-like world opens new fields of possibilities. An autumn winter like a launch-pad to freedom, to transform dreams into individual and collective values. The freedom to be unique yet multiple, to stand back or stand out. The freedom to choose one’s own time, to speed up, slow down, focus on the now and look far into the future.

Magical nights

Diving into dreamy nocturnal landscapes

Observing landscapes at dawn, keeping watch on distant twilights.
Channelling the mystical atmosphere of an unspoiled nature, without human or animal figures.
Revealing the supernatural ambiance of American nights, moonlit illuminations, the setting sun or the morning mist.
Lighting up night-time forests with artificial fireflies and synthetic shines.
Hinting at disturbing vegetation with barely discernible contours, in colourful darks worked in tone-on-tone.
Graduated colours, floating clouds, evaporating mists.

Decorative chameleons

Inventing a new narrative camouflage

Drawing inspiration from insects and reptiles whose moving colours and patterns perfectly mimic their surroundings through spectacular metamorphoses, mutations and transformations.
Hiding animal, human or insect figuratives within the decoration.
Melting into the motif, depicting the subject in its context with an elaborate play on hide and seek.
Giving a tangible substance to ultra-dense all-overs, piling up similar patterns, textures and hues to deceive the eye, with a keen sense of mimicry.

Paranormal flowers

Emphasizing the beauty of strangely abnormal flowers

Giving bloom to alien, unusual, far from ordinary flowers.
Interpreting the delicacy of faded petals in subtly incredible colours.
Distorting the perception of familiar florals through digital influences.
Creating amazing crossovers of recognised varieties.
Inverting colours and tinging bouquets in supernatural colours.
Solarizing tones, burning stems and foliage, over-saturating colourways.          

Animal hybrids

Bringing a poetic bestiary to life

Drawing insects, birds and animals in a precise, monochromatic graphic style on colourful  items from real-life.
Creating compositions where variously grey and bold pencil, ballpoint or feather-pen lines are worked together with pigmented, more pictorial hues, and colourful flat tints.
Mixing techniques, creating a subtle accumulation of collage, cut-outs, drawings, engravings, stamping and silk-screening.
Contrasting the true-to-life, the geometric and the abstract with a precisely drawn, animalised imaginary world.

Primitive folklore

Giving in to the enchantment of a new, kindly ethnics

Observing the myths of distant civilizations and their spiritual paintings.
Schematizing recipes for intoxicating elixirs and mystical cycles.
Collecting charming talismans and organizing them into extraordinary cabinets of curiosities, in varied all-overs.
Stylizing modern mythologies and creating a benign voodoo.
Translating dream symbolism into lucky objects and tools.

Essential geometries

Using simulated simplicity to create surprise

Adding volume to geometrics with artificial flat tints.
Creating the optical illusion of 2-D with trompe-l’oeil perspectives.
Folding, gluing, assembling, arranging with logic and clarity.
Organising by applying a Cartesian methodology and strategic layouts.
Taking into consideration scale, placement and colour; well thought-out brights; forthright and covering two- and three-tones.

A game of waves

Inventing playful, colourful marbling

Shifting playful stripes off-course to add texture and volume.
Combining abstract and varied graphic treatments from marbling to figurative elements.
Allowing colours to fuse into rounded geometries.
Colourising moving liquids in ultra-saturated hues.
Placing marbled motifs to form contours, bands or checks, and covering the entire surface.
Working in 3D, swirling around planes, creating deformed perspectives and twists.

Graphic tree structure

Clarifying the structural aspects of nature’s greenery

Incising leaves along their veining.
Sketching dense trees and forests with meticulous precision.
Tracing contours, precisely engraving outlines and filling in solid or empty areas with surprising colours.
Capturing all the beauty in the detail of an undulating root, the complex entanglement of branches and grooves.
Welcoming an invasion of incongruous leaves and foliage, mixing up origins and aspects: palms and oak leaves, acacias and hornworts are intertwined, are hybridized with synthetic reflections, and fill up grounds without letting any air in.