Menswear Best for S/S 2020



Supple ease

Weights are decreasing in menswear. Buyers naturally move towards ultra-fine, opaque or nearly transparent cottons and wools. Everywhere, suppleness is a must! Fluidity is even cited for men’s wardrobes.


Tactile fantasy

Seersuckers are the second most popular weave for outer garments. Designers are mostly looking for slight vibrations on the surface of the suitings.



A total non-plain look

For jackets and pants, small all-over designs top the choices: plaids and Prince of Wales. Then come linear designs: windowpane checks and tennis stripes. In both cases, a visual softness is preferred: paleness, sometimes a dash of colour, but nothing aggressive and no sharp contrasts.



Tailoring perfectly in sync with an urban, mobile lifestyle

Buyers want to meet these new needs and are increasingly choosing suitings with hidden or visible functionality – waterproof, breathable, stretch or bi-stretch. And performant in terms of the environment as well, with a growing demand for recycled products!





Easy-living elegance

As in suitings, the lightness of spring summer 20 goes hand in hand with suppleness. Less crispiness in poplins, and a softer touch. This is confirmed by the significant increase in Lyocell and viscose blends, though cotton remains number one. The added value of easy-care is also highly in demand. Shirt specialists really put comfort first.



A tactile naturalness

Linen blends come second in the composition rankings, and their fresh feel is also pleasing. Surfaces with fine vegetal irregularities or a slightly crepey feel are irresistible.



Colourful shirtings

In this joyful season, shirts have a special place. Bold selections of stripes or checks – plaids or ginghams – not too large, but in effervescent colourways, enhanced with bright coral and turquoise, point to surprising men’s silhouettes.