Technology and poetry combine in works by Refik Anadol

In an era of exponential quantification and Big Data, the exploding growth of information has dramatically overturned our way of life.
While data collection can improve our daily lives, it can also call into question issues of creativity.
Thus the importance of putting people at the heart of a technology-dominated society becomes paramount. Connections created between artificial intelligence and people open new perspectives.

Art allows us to make use of these technologies in a new and pertinent fashion, for when artists and designers turn their hands to artificial intelligence, fantastic creations can emerge.
Digital artist Refik Anadol has made the data collected by Siemens visible, in order to improve the performance of their technology.
Using specialised software, he has translated their data into graphic elements, thereby generating amazing and singular works of art featuring colourful networks, with delightfully random patterns tangling and twirling across the canvas. By connecting AI and the poetry of reality, Refik Anadol has skilfully used technology as a new medium, expanding the frontiers of creativity into new lands of expression.

Refik_Anadol_Mobility-Data-P-01 Refik_Anadol_Mobility-Data-P-03