Leather A°19 W°20

Developments this season are measured, with only light, positive and poetic changes in order to appropriate the right colours and the right products. A principle of essentialness that combines the complex and the obvious, enhancing perfection by revealing the beauty of imperfection and exalting the values of plain colours by giving them joyful hues. A catalyser of emotions that divulges voluptuous and splendid materials. A trailblazer of creativity that reveals uncommon finishes.

Consistently excellent

Leathers of an exceptional quality, with unrivalled and lasting solidity, often using vegetable tanning agents.
Dense and supple, but astonishingly lightweight as if filled with air from within, lamb and calf skins are both conciliatory and flexible.

Surprising pairings

Incongruous and seductive pairings that combine leathers with wools and lace, that assemble crocodile, mink and PVC but also blend heat-bonding and quilting with ultrasounds, contractions of microfibres and vegetable leathers. Luxury plaits, entrelacs of mink and python, woven recycled cotton and leather.
Double-sided items that oppose contrasting materials, where both sides vary in their colour and fashion finishes, where perforations and engravings allow the background to be seen.

Precious imperfections

Battered leathers, shrunken appearances, bold crumpling which evokes the Earth’s crust.
Inspired by rocky ground, textures and reliefs are hollowed, using lasers or embossing.
Glorious marbling, bold cut-outs and elaborate pleated appearances make the naturalness of the skin precious.
Turbulent materials, tousled, torn hair, snake skins in irregular patchworks.

Frivolous decorations

Fashion that plays with traditional textile patterns such as tartan, herringbone and Prince of Wales check.
Hand-painted furs, checks embroidered onto printed leather, screen printing on grained leathers.

Perfect shine

Surfaces are decorated with subtle and measured shine: a smooth glossy finish thanks to wax polishing, perfectly homogenous highlights on lamb leather.
Iridescent gleams that reflect a changing coloured light, semi-muted, worn, controlled shines on patinated metallics.