Jewel Selection A°19 W°20

Jewellery and components alternate between wild elegance and natural sobriety.

Feathers join forces with glossy shine in entrelacs of cords and crystals.
Trimmings are used to create fringes in gradients of colour, while beads appear in the midst of gems and crystals to better accentuate the sparkling movement.
Metallics, woods and skins combine in imposing groups, looking like jewellery sets from distant climes.
Cords and laces randomly interweave in sets that are somewhere between sport and ethnic.
“Gold” chains and components undulate. They play with the light thanks to their structures of twists and spirals.

Pearls are increasing in volume. They are everywhere in clusters, combined with romantic flowers, on silver choker chains to creak a lady-punk style and associated with geometric structures that evoke Art Deco architectures.

Resins imitate stones in their porous and marbled appearance, inspired by lava flows, the strata of slate and the erosion of rocks.

Jewel selection