Jewel AW1819


The age of the jewellery set is over, now we display our jewellery piece by piece. New maximalist objects reconcile the desire for simplicity with a taste for grandiloquence.
Oversized “statement earrings” drape the neck and proudly embrace their role as the star of the season.
Bold concentric constructions, XXL flowers sculpted in plexiglass, giant hoops encased in coloured fine chains, all closed by snap hooks borrowed from climbing; jewellery for winter 1819 is not short on character.
The surprise this season comes from flocking, which calms the ambient exuberance by providing a refined coat for findings and chains.
Gemstones of outsized proportions and chiselled facets also take on a downy layer, the contrast only serving to accentuate the mirror-like shine of the mounts.