Freeze-Frame on Sebastian Errazuriz

In our endlessly hurried world, we can look at the image of this shoe, “Cry Baby,” as an invitation to take the time to observe, contemplate, listen to our feelings. Silence. Light. Breathing.


The artist captures an elusive lightness. Gravity is gone. In its place, there’s room to fly, to swing high. It’s our turn to throw off whatever holds us back, hinders us, the weight of tradition. It’s up to us to open the way to tomorrow – light-heartedly, confidently, and ready for new experiences.

Chilean-born artist Sebastian Errazuriz lives and works in New York. He rejects the partitioning of art and design and defines his work as something in between. He creates functional sculptures, pieces that, in spite of their unusual aesthetics, are presented as usable objects. They serve as a way to slip fantasy into our daily lives.

His “12 shoes for 12 lovers” series is inspired by former relationships. Character traits borrowed from twelve women, special moments experienced with them, give shape to extravagant shoe shapes printed in 3D. “Cry Baby” Alexandra, is one of the most disturbing items in the series. It has to be seen worn to fully comprehend that it is, indeed, a shoe.


What appears to be a copious shedding of tears envelopes the foot, splashing back into a pristine spray, calling forth an image of innocence and perfection.

This lacquered, milk-coloured white, surrounded by a full spattering of drops, creates a freeze- frame of suspended motion, a fleeting moment frozen for eternity.

A beneficial destabilisation, this pure, untouched, miraculous white, together with the freeze-frame motion, represents an opportunity and a marvel. The opportunity presented by a blank page, a new start, a place to pause and calmly envision new ideas. A marvel that appeals to our senses, paves the way to the sublime, to the boundless wonder of childhood.