Fashion Summary for Autumn Winter 20/21

A season of change, and a shift towards a new tailoring and fashions that are eco-responsible, tangible, attractive, innovative, high-quality and abundant. Substance and textures played a virtuoso raie, challenging perceptions and injecting surprise into the interplay of weights and handles, visuals and behaviours. Fantasy and colour combinations broke from the call of the classics, powerfully and ingeniously sublimated, and consistently worked with immense subtlety and fineness.

Colour highlights

Première Vision’s colour range was widely acclaimed and gives pride of place to the dark depths of faux blacks and tender neutrals, infused with pinks and reddish flesh tones.
Brownish shades strongly penetrated into accessories and shoes. Silhouettes featured colourful harmonies where softened tone-on-tones, two-tones with restrained contrasts, and a nocturnal luminosity give strength and richness to materials.

Product highlights

Boosting tailoring with high-performance and perfectly contemporary products for head-to­toe elegance, a far cry from the classics, with products with firm handles, a feel marked by character and personality, and button and zip components marked by a high-tech yet precious discretion.

Defying materiality with dense and lightweight fabrics, silk-infused curves, expert irregularities and feathery handles, puffed-up leathers, as if inflated with air, and voluminous and lightweight accessories.

Re-Veering fantasy in a subtler direction, and employing decoration to escape real ity by turning to a fantastical imaginary world, extraordinary patterns, enchanted forests, fabrics, leathers and accessories with vibrant and irregular surfaces. 

Eco-friendly innovation : Creating pleasing, re-thought out product designs with eco­responsible innovations throughout the silhouette and for all styles – from the most dressy, formal and festive, to the most casual or high-level sport garments. Première Vision exhibitors developed products providing concrete, high-performance industrial solutions whether
·  through process transparency and traceability,· low chemical and energy impacts,
· waste reduction,
· and the use of organic sourced and biodegradable materials

… for a season that looks ahead to an optimistic future!