Fabrics : Spring Summer 21 Season’s Opener

Eco-responsibility is now a prerequisite, and no longer merely optional. Textiles join in this unstoppable global trend, and adopt a 360° approach that takes into consideration the entire production chain. It’s no longer about focusing on a few isolated issues, but rather considering product development from upstream to downstream, from fibre production to the transformation of used clothing.

The search for traceability and transparency gives a virtuous impetus to the season’s new products. Aesthetic research and tactile novelties integrate an eco-friendly dimension, from compositions to finishings. Linen-viscose, linen-cupro and tencel, organic cottons combined with recycled cottons, recycled and recyclable synthetics along with alternative stretch materials are developed both in highly elaborated plains and as supports for original decorative designs.

Treatments are also carefully thought out: shine is obtained by calendering rather than coating. While technical innovation is approached with awareness and virtuosity, poetry, beauty and tactile impact are never overlooked. Fabrics and knits affirm their singularities. They banish uniformity, and champion an expressive materiality.

Surface irregularities are explored in all their nuances, with laminated knits, wavy aspects, effect yarns, sinuous ribs, surprising tactility, creponned effects, prominent slubs, foamy bouclette and honeycombs. The fabric expresses itself visibly, and all in lightness. Fineness and density are accentuated to lend body without adding weight. Even transparency takes on a notable substance. Fluidity becomes thicker, compact materials grow suppler, to accompany this flow of energy driving the world of fashion!