Highlights for dressy fashion: evening, cocktail, wedding and ceremonies. Outstanding decors: silkies, lace, embroideries, ribbons and dressy tweeds.


Plain and simple

An ambitious simplicity, neither naive nor romantic, but rather highly graphic and contemporary. Pared-down, schematic patterns, two-tone or three-tone colourways with refined contrasts for maximum visibility. Flowery or geometric lace and guipure with well-defined contours. A cartoon spirit, stylized flowers and foliage in jacquards and prints. Fine-lettering embroidery with an appealing hesitancy.

Geometric impact

A hand-drawn geometry infused with creative energy. Polygon jacquards and two-tone triangles, giant squares with uncertain edges and compositions that move. Graphic and colourful guipure. Menswear-looking stripes flourishing on opulent silks and spectacular organzas.

Colourful shine

Joyfully sparkling crystals and clear reflections for fully sunlit evening gowns. Mixes of cellophane and iridescent yarns, pale flecks of metal. Colourful reflections on silk surfaces, ultra-bright liquid knits. Deliberately exuberant, full-coloured metals to enhance jacquards.


Pointed contrasts between transparency and opacity, between ethereality and thickness. Silk or synthetic organzas rhythmically punctuated by thick yarns and matt ribbons and papers. Cottony cut-yarns are floral or abstract, monochromatic and always spectacular. Filled-in lace and embroideries, fattened outlines. Eyelet embroidery with a wide-open look.

Extraordinary exoticism

Sham virgin forest, a city jungle and greenhouse plants, an idealised nature. Graphically shaped banana and palm leaves proliferating on jacquards and laces. Exoticism and sport come together in embroidery with net or spacer grounds burgeoning with flowers, leaves and birds of paradise.

Exuberant volumes

Dishevelled, fringed, slightly mad-looking cut-yarns. Appliqué embroideries and large flowers budding and pulsing on the surface of silks for fairy-like 3D dresses.