Evening AW1819


Highlights for dressy fashion: evening, cocktail, wedding and ceremonies. Outstanding decors: silkies, lace, embroideries, ribbons and dressy tweeds.

The evening and exceptional universe plays forthrightly with light and shine. Visuals calm down or hide in the shadows. Matter-effects, geometry and abstraction inspire decoration.

Sparkling darkness
Surfaces dazzling with colourful points of light, transparencies crispy with a metal grittiness, or smooth or crêpe lamés illuminating the surface of fluid and panné silks. Jacquard patterns emerge from the shadows through plays on shine and sparkle. Nocturnal iridescence like an aurora borealis and starry skies and golden constellations. Very fine, softly coloured metal lace.

Strong gleam
Light! Fluid silkies and precious velvets, as syrupy as liquid metal. Glossy satin curves, in spectacular colours. Lacquered laces, wet silks, stiff or fluid transparencies with glass reflections.

Matter effects
Patterns with mineral, rocky textures or distant reminiscences of bark or skin grains interpreted in jacquards, cloqués and cut yarns. Painting with broad brush strokes in tone-on-tone. Coppery and reddish magma, molten lavas, burnt golds for more spectacular brocades and jacquards.

Soft geometry
Pixels and mathematical abstractions where embossings and jacquards are sculpted in small all-overs. Puzzle-like imbrications that carefully mix patterns, in jacquards, embroideries and appliqués. Neatly-arranged hexagons, clean geometric shapes with filtered colours. Graphic guipures and embroidery, honeycombed net lace.

Nocturnal visions and journeys into the imagination. Flowers and bouquets in the shadows, dark psychedelic waves and esoteric motifs, grandiose and mysterious, in jacquards and prints. Embroideries and guipures that are velvety, or worked on panné and velvety grounds. Naive, shadowy patterns.

In thickness
Surface additions and applications on embroidery and lace to lend them substance. Cornely over-embroidered with thick, highly-raised yarns, or almost filled with wool and mohair.
Wool embroidery, thick velvet appliqués and exuberant cut-yarns like imaginary furs or out of control fringes. Embroidery with a barrage of tassels and sequins, which ring in the ears and capture the eye.