Essentials selection S/S19

A season where fluidity and structure are allied with suppleness, lightness and liveliness. The mix of uses and genres opens the way to precisely constructed and perfectly adapted fabrics. Hybrids between naturals and artificials, city and sport, evening and everyday continue to emerge, in a spirit at once chic, casual and offbeat. Cottons are impeccable, denims are clean, suitings are refreshed, shirtings are refined, and knits are precious and relaxed.


Cottony or silky suppleness,
in women’s and menswear, with fabrics with a caressing fluidity, and silk and viscose blends. Subtle reflections with shimmering yarns worked in stripes and checks. Slight shiverings and creponnings, refined micro-seersuckers.
Graphic stripes, bold and fresh. Stripes stand out, and make you forget about checks. Stick stripes are livelier, in a deckchair or tidy tea towel spirit, with stripes that deviate and let backgrounds breathe.
Sophisticated plant fibres, ultra-refined linens, barely visible slubs, semi-transparencies with delicate irregularities and non-rustic naturals, for a fresh take on formal shirts.
Discreet complexity, with elaborate games between structures and yarn-dyeds. Small printed motifs on mini checks, precisely drawn figureds, fancy little structures overlapping and creating hybrids with yarn-dyeds.
Delicate semi-transparency, with tracing-paper or plastic reflections, with a liquid and dazzling shine on fine cottons, and delicate silkies, tulles and knits.
Lively paleness, with brightened chambrays, and delicately powdered end-and-ends and surfaces.

Slimmed compacts,
stable not stretchy knits to work like wovens. Dense and extra-flat cottons and synthetic blends.
Relaxed preciousness, shimmering cotton jerseys, double knits enlivened with metallo-plastic yarns for vibrant sweatshirts.
More-feminine fleece, sweatshirt/silk hybrids, shiny exteriors and cotton interiors, a cosy and fresh suppleness.
Lighter textures, neatly hollowed out and refined ribs. Suppler corduroys and ottomans, stretchy but not sheathing. A seersucker spirit and creponned textiles for rippling tops. 

Dresses, skirts, pants, women’s suits


Creamy suppleness, with fabrics on the border between casualwear and feminine fluidity. Cotton, linen or silky blends with a smooth fluidity. Viscose blends, subtly washed Cupro or Lyocell, with softly talced surfaces.
Flowing and fluid elegance, with silkie/suiting hybrids, a crepe springiness on the inside for perfectly smooth outer surfaces. A superb fluidity for chic and lively dresses and ensembles.
Remarkable density, opaque silks with the roundness of organza, enlivened with discrete ripples or embellished with plastic reflections, for a style-setting red carpet spirit.

Men’s suits, women’s suits, pants, jackets


Delicate contrasts, nuanced, low-key men’s suitings with blurred yarn-dyeds, refined and lighter checks, and softly contrasting Prince of Wales and stripes.
Fresh suitings, fabrics with an airiness thanks to square structures, fine gauzes, dry and fresh mohair, softly dry handles, and highly refined linen blends. Seersuckers with more discreet textures, in woollen or cottony versions.
Sophisticated authentics, suitings that fully tame the rusticity of plant fibres, with linens and blends translating a noble and chic natural spirit, windowpane checks, irregular houndstooths and Prince of Wales.
Impeccable suitings, immaculately plain cottons and woollens, smooth and lightweight for neat and fresh tailoring. A poplin simplicity, a satiny perfection, chalk-traced colour-wovens.

Smooth suppleness,
fabrics structured from Lyocell, Cupro or viscose blends, washed diagonals, panamas, complex basketweaves and gently washed-out micro-wovens.
Plant vitality, linen steps into denim and casual cottons, subtly livening up plains, yarn-dyeds, and checks with its fine slubs.
Freshly washed, slight surface effects for washed fabrics in fresh colourways and clean washed-outs.
So-simple stripes, a balance of boldness and subtlety, with stripes at once visible and neat in supple and lively cotton or denim qualities.

Stylish roundness,
impeccable plains in cotton blends, in ultra-dense synthetics, for supple summer coats with round volumes.
Deceptively raw, cottony or lineny macro weaves, with structures built from fancy, sparkling yarns for products with a body-friendly suppleness.
Playful plastic, transparent coatings and membranes give an upbeat cheer to gaily rustic cottony and woollen fabrics.