Essentials selection A°19 W°20


– accuracy and precision: for colourful solid-toned shirts or neat and regular checks.
– discreetly flannelled: in subtle harmonies, with chinés and downy aspects melting into patterns. In casualwear, yarn-dyeds are fine blends of cotton and wool, for lightweight shirts and dense and thick overshirtings.

– slippery fluids: for chic tee-shirts, micro-weaves and structures in wool blends, dense polos with traditional checked motifs and a lustrous gleam.
– texture and irregularity: irregular ribs, crushed bouclettes, engineered chenilles and shrinkings evoking mineral strata.
– new-generation fleeces: foamy, lightly scraped, hairy brushed fleece or bouclettes lend a softness and comfort.
Synthetic and blended versions with face/back contrasts invite sport and technology references to dare new uses, to move closer to the body and favour draped, sheathing looks.

Dresses, pants, woman’s suits

– tiny sparkles in silk and knits embellish textures and satins with a bolder, mineral shine.
– a dimmer shine, found deep inside rounded taffetas and fine wools, infiltrates fabrics.
– an oily, greasy and creamy shine on panne velvet, or a plastic sheen on tone-and-tone jacquards and decorations.

– figured fluidity: fancy-wovens, jacquards and cut-throwns in silk and viscose play with matt/shine effects and shifting, tonal oscillations.
– broken fluidity: gently mistreated silkies in dress weights with patinated, bumped-up, crumpled, washed and poorly ironed finishings, for languid casual looks.
– runny fluidity: liquid-like, with mirror reflections, for weights hovering between silkies and suitings, with neat and marked, nonchalant and languorous diagonals.

Lively surfaces, wool blends with airy checks, very fine, lightweight and sophisticated crêpes with softly whitened or patinated surfaces, slightly vintage aspects.

Suits and jackets

 SUITINGS- a springy suppleness, at once smooth and textured, with wool and polyester crêpes or cottons, full and nonchalant, for relaxed easy-care, washable and garment-wash suitings.
– hybrid suppleness part silky / part suiting, with doubled, calendared satins with a generous, dense and creamy roundness.
– fineness with distinct hold, in somewhat silkier, stretch qualities for refined, ultra-chic and softly lustrous suitings, with luxuriously crispy handles.
– a visible rigour, with raspy wools, somewhat arid behaviours, with harsh, dry and authentic wools, grainy, blurry checks with more mineral references.


Cotton casuals and jeanswear

Sturdiness and strength, for pant weights in fairly thick, round, dense and robust washed cottons.
Beautiful weaves, with hollowed, enlarged diagonals, herringbone stripes and multiple basketweaves for an authentic workwear spirit.

– warmed-up denim, cosy and inviting, with neat, dark visuals on wool blends.
– heavier weights, for authentic denims in a vintage ’80s spirit, for firm and durable jackets and trousers.

– refined moleskins, verging on flannel, combining density and caressing softness, or in heavier weights, with generous brushings and firm handles. 
– velvets lend their virtuoso appeal with ever lighter, more supple at once clean and casual products.


– Ratiné aspects, just a touch raw-looking, alongside shaggy hairies, and fancy checks with a dishevelled, out-of-the-washing-machine look, colourful or blurry plains.
– Surprising hairies on double fabrics, startling and ambivalent, bizarre hairy looks, multi-coloured checks with partial brushings.  

– density and firmness: extra-crushed and refined felts.
– hard and dry Donegals with lighter colourways. Authentic, 2.0-version tartans with more fantasy, plays on smashed bouclette, jewel-like tweeds and hatched checks with extra enlarged weaves that update traditional colourways.