Discover the exclusive PV Colour range

The exclusive Première Vision colours lend a unique personality to autumn winter 19-20.

Destined for all fashion sectors, including textiles, leathers, accessories and decorations, they evoke 5 lines of colour, 5 key directions all expressing complementarity:
The colour range speaks to creative dualities, playing on a balance between pragmatic and commercial approaches, and a sensitive, free and nonchalant inspiration.

Each of the five harmonies, organised by the natures of tones, is upset by a disruptive element, sometimes the complementary tone of the colours, sometimes not.

Alongside the strong idea this season of colour and its shadow, it’s also worth noting the prevalence of warm tones, after many seasons dominated by greens and blues.
Warms that are in no way ordinary, russets with a strong personality, beiges and browns steeped in yellow.
These are warm, nourishing and sturdy tones, evoking corn, cork and contemporary materials.


Discover the Première Vision colour range in this little teaser :