Designs selection S/S19

A season where designers give free rein to a sparkling, bright and generously coloured imagery. They rediscover hand design tools including pastels, pencils and engraving instruments, for unique, gaily sketched motifs, playing on references in a refined manner.

Powdered pencilling

Predominantly flowers and foliage in fresh colourways, sketched with dense pastels and coloured pencils. A luminous visual softness with powders, sprays and chalks, in tones and colours that evolve in gradations and allow shapes to emerge, with, as a backdrop, the material of the paper, which remains visible and lends texture to designs

Fused intermittence

A reinterpretation of every kind of stripe, always in carefully studied colour schemes.
Sensitively blended, fused, water-coloured, or diverted, stopped, worked intermittently or diagonally. Often irregular and always innovative, stripes lend a cadence to graphics as well as to the flowers and narrative patterns of spring summer 19 designs.

Hybrid animals

A boundless creativity in animal figuratives!
Like travellers in exotic countries, their sketchbooks in their pockets, designers depict real or imagined countries, populated by funny animals and surprising chimeras: undulating reptiles, poetic insects, suspended watercolour monkeys and toucans, birds and raptors with amazingly coloured plumage.

Honed flowers

Generous flowers, often placed, with petals featuring extremely precise contours and interiors.
They appear to be engraved on the surface, drawn with a lead .05 pencil or deftly inked in colour with a phenomenal level of delicacy.
Lines are ultra-thin, running loosely, gracefully, sometimes irregularly yet always sensitively across the paper.

Scattered vegetation

A lot of colourful and airy backgrounds, and space between bouquets that twirl in the air with flair.
Sparse mimosas, branches, sprigs and wild grasses scattered by a spring breeze, in dissonant tonal contrasts, for sophisticated, ever so slightly disturbing colour ambiances.