Decoration highlight for SIS 21: Shaping absent space

Decorations for Spring-Summer 21 play with materialising empty space. By giving backgrounds room to breathe and blank space a voice, they invert the way patterns are usually read.

Embroideries ever so delicately contour shapes, and lace motifs are revealed in larger openwork.

© Alpha / Première Vision Fabrics

Silks, jacquards and yarns feature thrilling plays on semi-transparency, giving generous expression to backgrounds.

© Henry Bertrand / Première Vision Fabrics

Never smooth, always enlivened by subtle interplays of structure and texture, grounds adorn emptiness and air with a fleeting but palpable materiality.
Prints are stylised and motifs are spaced out on colourful, expressive, eloquent backgrounds. Organdies, organzas and fluid bases with surface effects thus take on their full magnitude, lending a firmly elegant and modern note of fantasy. 

© BZ Jacquard / Première Vision Fabrics
© Aspesi Federico / Première Vision Fabrics
© Hang Gang Lace / Première Vision Fabrics
© Embsense – Workingmenblues / Première Vision Fabrics