Conference cycle dedicated to the Bag &Shoe universe

A new program of round table discussions will help fashion and accessories brands in the development of their shoes and leather goods collections during the 3 days of the show:

The trend concept for autumn winter 18/19, as well as the season’s key colours, products and materials for the leather and fur markets
Presented by Claude Vuillermet, Show Fashion Director

  • Nathalie Elharrar, Consultant, footwear designer and IFM professor will share her experiences, and propose development directions for successful footwear collections
    via 3 round tables:

Tuesday 19 at 3pm: Optimise the client/supplier relationship to build your footwear collections.  
Understand the creation and production context, how to draw up a specifications document, define your needs and a coherent work charter and establish what level of response is required.  
The question of best practices between order givers and footwear factories. 

-Avellino Machado, High-end men’s and women’s footwear manufacture, factory in Portugal
-Alex Aubert, Founder and artistic director of Soloviere, a men’s and women’s footwear label
-Magali Lefizelier, Footwear production manager for Isabel Marant

Wednesday 20 at 3 pm: The footwear industry and the 3D revolution

-Jean Marc Pedeboy, Co-founder of Romanscad, a company producing 3D and 2D software for the footwear industry

Thursday 21 at 3 pm: How a footwear collection is made
Modus operando before building a collection, the know-how and production techniques, the pitfalls to avoid.

-Muriel Chiariglione, Production Manager for Pataugas
-Johane Collet, Footwear stylist. After five years working freelance, he is now the stylist for one of Zalando’s women’s labels.
-Dany Heckel, Developer of independent collections and a quality control manager for clients including Clergerie, Rykiel and others. She also teaches footwear production in the footwear design training course organised by Clergerie.

  • Le Conseil technique du Cuir (CTC) will organize 2 conferences and 1 workshop dedicated to  shoes and leathergoods manufacturing:

Tuesday 19 at 12pm: The last, the heart of the shoe – Denis Cartier – CTC 

All footwear is created from a last. The last interprets the foot, taking into account not only its morphological constraints but also the industrial constraints that will accompany it throughout the production process, all while not neglecting the design process and the elegance of the item.
Discover the basic tenets and essential notions needed to understand how footwear is designed: including the size control, the vital checkpoints, the fit…

Wednesday 20 at 2pm & Thursday 21 at 12pm: Colorimetry and the art of knowing how to evaluate colour – Lionel Lautesse – CTC

Colour is an essential factor in the visual impact of leathers, materials and consequently, collections. Fashion houses are ever more aware of the importance of the colour choices made through their designs, which goes beyond simply encouraging the customer to purchase the item; colour has become a real trademark, even a brand identity. For the manufacturers of leather items, the precision and the exact reproducibility of colours is essential to ensure positive feedback from clients, and to achieve this it is essential to fully master their technical parameters.
Discover the fundamentals of colorimetry and the steps needed to truly understand colour…


  • The Danish furriers from SAGA FURS (stand 3I1) will present the latest fur craft techniques seen on fashion runways around the world


All conferences: Free access – Limited seats
Simultanously translated into English (excepted for the CTC workshop)