Best Womenswear : Tops & dresses

Buyers paid close attention to their senses! The luminous vibrations of the deep gleam of velvets and velvety aspects and the touches of smooth shimmer or metallic glimmers are picked out for everyday and for exceptional pieces. The blurry vibrations of whispery wools and delicate brushings for chrysalis tops. Knit jacquards are preferred in decoration choices.

Updated fluidity

A new fluidity foregoing crêpes in favour of smooth handles stands out clearly in buyers’ choices. 100% viscose and viscose blends, Modal and Lyocell knits all made strong advances. These particularly modern silks combine a hint of springiness at their core with soft surfaces. From sport dresses to sophisticated tracksuits, these fabrics will inject new shapes, and new attitudes into womenswear.


Subtle vibrations

A measured lustre moves into feminine tops. Topping the most requested aspects in silkies: matt/shine. But buyers are generally attracted to all aspects that capture light: shimmering or metallic knits, dark golds or soft silvers in lace.

Finely lacquered surfaces, and smooth, fluid satiny textiles.



Velvety delicacy

It’s a season of velvets for dresses and tops! Buyers give in to the caressing feel of lustrous panne velvets – this season’s favoured grounds for prints. Fluid velvets and their dévoré versions, insertions of silky chenille yarns, jacquards or knit interpretations reach their highest scores yet.


Cosy fantasies

Tender and cosy tops get a big yes for AW 1819! Embroidery infiltrated with mohair, lace with wool effects and velvety textures get top marks. The silk/wool jacquards and very finely brushed alpacas will earn pride of place in the top-of-the-range.