Best S/S 19 Womenswear

Women’s fashion brands are voting for a refreshed, energetic elegance with fantasy accents sparkling with vitality.
Fabrics are refined and denser, handles are preferred natural, shine lights up fabric selections from tops to jackets.
In the same vein, the season’s designs depict a very flowery landscape, punctuated by bayadère stripes and geometries that are always unusual and always happy.
The season’s ornaments go back and forth between floral romance and a graphic energy, boosting the delicious simplicity of plain


Discreet shine  

In women’s tops, transparent reflections and furtive shimmer meet with great success. Fleeces and cottony shirting with gleaming surfaces become essential for day. For red carpet looks, lace, silkies and embroidery are liked when enriched with discreet metallic yarns.

Cottony freshness

Buyers focused in on fabrics with natural handles, with a clear preference for cottony sensations. Refreshing fabrics are favoured: refined ribs, crepons and seersuckers in cotton-silk or cotton-viscose blends.


Lightening up is a priority this season for dresses and shirts. This mood tilts choices towards transparency, but concentrates on airy weaves that barely reveal the body: opaque cut-yarns, voiles with tracing-paper effects, and just slightly openworked knits.


Glazed suppleness

While still essential, moving and fluid fabrics are changing identities. The most frequently mentioned synthetic suitings have smooth even lustrous surfaces. Crepes lose ground in favour of fabrics with soft and supple surfaces, as if powdered.

Impeccable compacts

Overall, density is preferred and compacts take one of two directions in the selections. Ultra-fine, dense and lightweight plains and yarn-dyeds for fresh and precisely cut ensembles. Sturdy weaves with neat and firmly-set structures.

Vegetal mix

Linen is more rarely requested in 100% versions, but highly sought after when blended with cotton, viscose and Tencel. In women’s suitings, Prince of Wales enriched with slubbed yarns and vegetal suitings are reaching higher levels.

Sparkling clarity

Freshness moves into outer layers. For jackets, requests single out summery tweeds woven through with white, and pastelized and shimmering multi-coloured wovens.
A noteworthy emergence of a terry spirit, with fabric choices enriched with foamy or fringed yarns.


Flowery profusion

The buyers’ favourite motifs for spring summer 19 constitute a hybrid garden, where vegetation is altered by graphics. Floral abundance, stylized corollas with hand-drawn lines, outlined petals, very generously-sized foliage, romantic bouquets and watercolours with Impressionist accents.

Singular placement

At the jacquard, lace and embroidery specialists, motifs placed on the grounds reach their highest scores in over 20 seasons. In silkies, the selections of giant patterns suggest decoration placement on the garment without repeating the motif.

Dynamic geometry

In silkies and lace, geometric variations just barely outdo the floral kingdom: rhythmic-arrhythmic stripes, irregular bayadère stripes, decomposed geometry, dots sparkling with vitality, graphic abstractions in peppy colourways.

Pattern choices for spring summer 19 point to simply fresh and forthright fashions.