Best S/S 19 Sport & Outdoor

Technical-textile professionals could feel their customers refocusing on sport and outdoor essentials. While a need for comfort and technicality are key to selections, the most typical products are far from basic.
Raincoats display sparkling aspects, windbreakers feature lively surfaces, smooth synthetics lose some weight in favour of blurred or hazy visuals.
An environmental conscience is a must in the sector!
Buyers are gradually expanding their research beyond simple recycled synthetics.

Sporty – eco-friendly

Sports and outdoor brands are those most involved in environmental protection. Their fabric choices stimulated the recycling of polyester and more recently polyamide.
Today their organic fabric selections are on the rise, and eco-friendly finishes are more frequently required.

Finer functionals

Lighter weights are at the heart of the research into performant new products. An industry favourite: 3-layers slimmed down to the max. Membranes are preferred impalpable, and lightly coated windbreakers show significant progress.

Performant shivers

Lightness, motion and freshness are the appealing ingredients giving a refresh to plains for blousons and raincoats.
A seersucker spirit, wrinkled aspects and textures that jostle the regularity of synthetics are particularly liked for summer 19.

Crystalline waterproofs

A visual direction reaching across all sectors this season: shine with evanescent reflections!
Here it’s specified in selections of luminous iridescent fabrics with subtle metallic shimmers, plastic gleam and technical fabrics with pearly aspects.

Techno blurries

Fantasy is chosen for its discretion, as in tone-on-tone jacquards or reflecting, non-contrasting prints. Surfaces show fused aspects, a camouflage spirit is transposed in monochrome versions, and geometry plays on subtle blurrings.

Structured suppleness

Fluidity attained its highest score in this sector. This increase is due to growing requests for Athleisure tee-shirts. The season’s favourite knits are perfectly flexible, smooth to the touch, and feature constructed visuals.