Best Menswear : Shirting

Buyers are exploring new territories, on the hunt for shirts that are neither too strict looking, nor totally nonchalant. An easy-going shirt with charm – fluid, easy care, and deceptively traditional with not-so-classic patterns. A shirt that sometimes mimics the suit or the jacket, either in pattern or colour.

Men’s-style fluidity

We’ve turned a corner! Men’s shirtings are also tilting towards fluidity, which even outdistances the quest for suppleness. Modal rises in all the sought-after blends. All in mattness. In the same vein, stretch begins to decline in favour of natural stretch, with buyers showing a desire for floaty rather than too-fitted shirts.


Controlled irregularity

Not outright rusticity, but rather a continued interest in blurry visuals, in the micro-effects of tweedy fancy yarns, and the irregularities and imperfections that lend a natural, even “artisanal” touch to shirts. All the same, surfaces have to be smooth, and handles comfortable.


Discreetly warmed

Cosy and elegant shirts are traced out for autumn winter 1819. An increase in requests for cottons enriched with wool or cashmere. A surge in emerised and finely brushed finishings. Checked overshirts are preferred subtly fused thanks to brushings.


Suiting spirit

Checks are still high in the rankings, particularly plays on weaves, followed by plaids. Yet the emergence of stripes begun in autumn winter 1718 is confirmed.

Patterns parodying suitings are especially liked for their reasonable scale, and their low-contrast colourways. Printed shirtings make room for jacquards.