The Best Designs of S/S 2020

Spring-summer 20 takes a daring leap into colour and liveliness in contrasting combinations! The very important warm, pinkish, orange and red tones combine with the acidity of neons and the freshness of mermaid blue and margarine yellow in dynamic and striking multi-colour elaborations. Experimentation is key, freedom of expression is limitless, as long as the pattern is easily readable, identifiable and can be personalised.

Exotic flora and fauna, animals of the savannah and tropical birds appealed to buyers for the summery atmosphere they convey, but these also leave room for all the blurry and diffuse watercolour patterns, for textured abstracts with mineral aspects, and for plays on layerings.Scales range from mid-sized to large, mostly in all-overs to promote maximum visual impact and striking tricolour motifs.

Tropical animals

Zebras and giraffes along with wild beasts from the continents of Africa and Asia step into decorations, and are chosen for the cheerful narratives they evoke: more than their skins, it’s the silhouettes of these animals that are illustrated and interact with textured or patterned backgrounds. Gaily coloured turtles and fish are precisely drawn.

Expressive flora

Vegetation is expressed exuberantly, for a dense, vitamin-boosted and profusive summer: Gigantic banana leaves, disturbing flowers in clashing colourways, a luxuriance that’s both appealing and slightly disturbing. Hand-painted patterns that cover the entire surface, in gouache, pencil or felt pen.

Colourful blurries

Watercolour treatments are found in geometries, figuratives and florals. Colours diffuse and disperse, blur together and are transparently overlapped. Soft contours, imprecise graduations and motifs drawn free-hand.

Fabulous birds

Dreamlike birds with meticulously drawn feathers, with finely outlined contours and refined colourways take the spectator on a journey to imaginary worlds. They hide themselves in fine branches, are mixed in with delicate geometries and are intermingled among slender ferns.