Best Designs AW1819


Discover the Autumn Winter 1819 patterns and prints preferred by buyers at the September 2017 Première Vision Designs Paris show.

This season, buyers are looking for visuals with impact, with a simple and direct message: a certain straightforward appeal that steers choices towards hand-made, unique patterns, worked with great creativity but immediately readable.

A desire to experiment on the part of the design studios was very well received: hand drawings, watercolours, pencilling, painting and lines drawn in felt-tip pen caught the eye with their inimitable uniqueness and originality.

Authenticity in place of Photoshop: this meant choices above all for flowers and vegetation generously drawn with authentic design tools, and geometrics that are almost non-existent except when tinged with oriental, Asian or Nordic accents.

We move away from all-over patterns to elaborate placement: scales are enlarged. Sensitive flowers, magical trees and magnificent landscapes allow backgrounds to breathe, in depth or in darkened colourful tints, and are expressed in bands or in a central location.

A search focused on colour too: motifs are multi-coloured, with risk-taking and a lot of cheerfulness, with “toxic duck” in first place, and colours at once densely pigmented and elegant, followed closely by the dazzling orange “sexy lobster” and red Dahlia.

Warms take pride of place, with intoxicating russets and fuchsias, to light up with brio this irreverent and eloquent autumn-winter 1819!