The Best Decoration for S/S 2020

Leafy collections 

Selections in prints and jacquards, as well as lace and embroidery, convey an enthusiasm for foliage motifs, which rank ahead of flowers. Whether small familiar leaves found in gardens or gigantic exotic foliage, precisely drawn or more pictorial, the enthusiasm is the same.



Zebras and giraffes, wild beasts and exotic birds step into decoration. More than animal skins or the textures of skins or feathers, buyers prefer animal silhouettes, the narrative aspect of fabrics.



It’s mainly blurriness that attracts buyers – graduated tones, pale rainbows, diluted tones, soft contours, watercolour flowers. Tie-dyes are cited more for their fused tones than for their ethnic dimension, which is on the decline in the results.


Graphic energy

Flowers remain a must for any summer season, they’re obviously present in tops, but clearly preferred when stylised, graphic, non-realistic and especially not archival. The spring summer flower is modern, original, updated and re-coloured, for energetic dresses and tops.


Colour causes a sir in decoration

The colour choices for decorations and tops show a desire to create a visual impact in summer 20 silhouettes. Everywhere except in casual wear, multi-coloured looks are preferred over monochromes for tops. Colour schemes are saturated, and grounds are full.