Accessories selection A°19 W°20

Components for winter 2019-2020 showcase raw nature, celebrated for its simple preciousness.

Accessories combine coarseness of texture with a sophisticated appearance.
The apparent calmness allows glimpses of delicately hidden, fanciful ornaments among the teeming decors which, when examined more closely, reveal a certain quirkiness.

Raw preciousness

Solid, earthy materials, with wood encircled by metal, engraved horn, trimmings that combine wool strands and metal-plastic strips.
Caning is updated, combining metal and cork, jute and beads.


Mineral porosity

Polyester and Plexiglass components also play at being natural products, they are engraved, striated, and take on a porous appearance.


The key colours of the season – mystical russet, cork pulp, red jitters, composite corn – deploy their natural warmth on components that are felted, flocked or printed in subtle colour gradients.
Volumes are softened by chenille, bouclette, brushed and tufted materials.



Protective accessories with enveloping curves, quilted, rounded, with embossed messages. Reassuring robustness with imposing components in Zamak or brushed tin, inspired by workwear.


Infinite sophistication, with discreet sparkles that furtively appear and disappear, barely-perceptible changes, controlled oxidations.


Cold metals subtly continue to gain ground, with metallics being softened under a milky sheen, retro-reflecting accents, or calmed by lightly granular surfaces.


Decors are not short on boldness, with patterns that seem to have been hand-drawn, evoking surrealist designs, mysterious tribes, whimsical fortune-tellers…

Multicolour blur

Multicolours are blurred with marls that are rich in nuance, colour gradients on a graphic background, micro-patterns that combine to strain the eye, surprising lenticular designs.

Disturbed checks

Strange gardens, fanciful decorations, with flowers straight out of a daydream, in bountiful bouquets, and multi-layer surfaces. Layering is taken to an extreme, celebrating a season that will continue to dazzle us.