A petroleum shine

This autumn-winter 2020-21 season, supernatural reflections run through fabrics, leathers and accessories. Sparking love at first sight! A decoding of these deep, mysterious and moving shines that mark the winter of 20-21.

The shines of the season are powerfully yet disturbingly seductive, exuding an urban beauty that is as magical as it is toxic. Shine slips into materials, bringing with it a disturbance, a motion, the charm of the elusive, the in-between, of transformations and altered states.

Shines capture the reflections of muted and liquid gold as well as the colourings of the northern lights, with shades that are graduated and evolving.
So we find belt buckles with veinings boasting a linear or magmatic movement, zips with dark iridescent picot effects on a plain textile strip, and zips with an entirely pearly band, like nail polish, to bring a flash of cosmic light to outfits. Even buttons marbled like rocks with nuggets of metal. Grainy leathers illuminated just on their ridges with nocturnal embellishments, such as black gold sequins. The smoothest leathers are adorned with iridescent oil-slick effects. Fabrics are covered with undulating printed motifs, colours are yet poorly mingled, whose supple movements and swirling meanders have been suspended.

Moving shine

Bewitching organic abstract looks, evoking both bizarre nature and poetic pollution, to be found in the aisles of the Première Vision Paris show, which will open its doors from 17 to 19 September 2019 in Paris Nord Villepinte.