December 5 & 6, 2018: Live the Denim experience...

This December, Denim Première Vision will gather in London to look at the very latest denim trends.

Fashion and sports

Fashion and sports are increasingly interacting, even fusing. A look at a trend that’s picking up speed.  &...

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December 5 & 6, 2018 : Denim Première Vision de...

Follow the guide and get a complete overview of eco-responsible denim!

Sustainable associations

Prato Trade is focused on developing sustainable and eco-responsible processes throughout the textile industry.

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Hybrid elegance, modern tradition

This year, the weaver’s range of natural and synthetic fabrics is enriched with a new collection of 100% polyes...

Discover our highlight product: “Colourful Blur...

The next winter season puts the focus on colour in all its blurry and fused variety.

Discover our highlight product: “Agile Lines”

A continuous, Surrealist-inspired line, … Here are some of the creative possibilities inherent in a line.

Discover our highlight product: “Skewed Checks”

Checked motifs are back: in updated versions that tip their hats to tradition without foregoing any modernity.

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Macramé weaving and knotting

Discover the know-how of LAURENTINE PERILHOU on Maison d’Exceptions in February 2019.

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