Maison d’Exceptions

With MAISON D’EXCEPTIONS project, the joint goal of Première Vision is to stimulate creative excellence by giving fashion brands and designers – looking for unique products and specific expertise – the opportunity to discover craftsmen and ateliers focused on artisanal techniques or technological innovations.
Technical innovation, handcrafts and artisanal workmanship are real tools in achieving creativity and differentiation, and are thus of strategic economic and commercial importance for today’s fashion industry.
Since 2011, with a gathering that takes place once a year in Paris as part of the Première Vision fair, MAISON D’EXCEPTIONS honours international craftsmanship, bringing together a selection of workshops and companies whose mission is to support the development of ancestral, folk or contemporary techniques.
In February 2015, an entirely redesigned display created by Segno Italiano a collective of Italian designers.
Contact us if you would like to take part in the next MAISON D’EXCEPTIONS trade show.

Exhibitors in February 2017

Ancestral techniques
Ateliers Courtin Leather Traders
Leather casig and wickerwork
Cemia-rich Material corp.*
Hand weaving
Seven senses fabrics*
Khadi Denim & Natural Dyeing
Sukumo Leather – Horii Inc*
Hand dyeing
Tamiya Raden
Hand weaving
Fujifu – Wisteria hand weaving
Contemporary techniques
Amaike Textile Industry Co., Ltd.
Mechanical weaving
Atelier Aymeric Le Deun
Button maker
Atelier Lorriaux
Artisanal methods of fabric finishing
Builmatel Co. Ltd / Yukizna
Leather mosaics
Carina Sohl Atelier
Embossed leather
Cécile Feilchenfeldt
Semi-mechanical knitting
EE Exclusives / Van Engelen & Evers
Ultra-high-definition jacquard weaving
Janaïna Milheiro
Hand weaving and feather works
Semi-mechanical weaving
Muto Co., Ltd.
Semi-mechanical weaving
Omiya Co.Ltd
Mechanical braiding
P&L Studio*
Hand embroidery
Rare Thread
Semi-mechanical weaving
Nonwoven silk
Studio Andreea Mandrescu
Artisanal methods of fabric finishing
The London Embroidery studio*
Hand and machine embroideries
Yume Pema*
Machine cutting techniques
Vernacular techniques
Bee Luxe*
Hand embroidery
Living blue*
Hand dyeing and needlework
Natural Cotton Color Hand Craft
Knitting, crochet and macramé
Industrial spinning and weaving

Photos of the February 2016 edition