YKK commits to ethical and sustainable fashion

Innovative approaches from YKK

YKK, the world’s largest zipper manufacturer, showcases its commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion with its collection of zippers and fasteners this year at Denim PV. Trusted worldwide, YKK prioritizes the quality of its products. To do this, it is using the best materials that are manufactured under the highest quality-control standards to meet consumer demand.

The YKK Fastening Products Group values the importance of global sustainability and ethical production. YKK’s Sustainable Collection includes the Natulon sustainable zipper range, recycled from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and other post-consumer materials. YKK processes the environmentally friendly zipper to facilitate further recycling, ideal for customers who want to market their product as recyclable. The Natulon range is chemically recycled using Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certificated yarn and can be produced for the metal and coil group, available in sizes 3 and 5.

natulon_natulon yeÅŸil natulon_natulon 2

The collection also includes YKK’s sustainable Snap & Button product line, which is manufactured without any toxic chemicals. The production of this ethical range uses up to 66% fewer grams of chemicals, 89% less water and 46% less electricity. The Snap & Button sustainable range is available in four colour groups: raw material, colour lacquer, oxide and transparent lacquer.

A new collection inspired by nature

This year, YKK has readied a new collection inspired by nature and innovation! Its priorities in creating this line were seasonal trends, new materials and changing lifestyles. Imagination was the only limit to this collection, which includes primarily denim accessories. As with every collection, the variety of items is fairly vast, with buttons constituting the majority.

Denim Premiere - YKK Images_eco friendly colors Denim Premiere - YKK Images_autumn colors

In this collection, the company turned to autumnal colours, the strongest influence of the season, in pure interpretations on denim buttons. Nature is carried through the collection not only in colours, but also in textures. There are buttons with textures drawn from nature photographs. This season also has some futuristic trends, and YKK has sprinkled these across clean-looking accessories, and also drew on various laser and brush applications.

Denim Premiere - YKK Images_flowersDenim Premiere - YKK Images_clean Denim Premiere - YKK Images_pastel colors Denim Premiere - YKK Images_sugared colored

Additionally, YKK has paired neon colours, chalky finishes and oxide colours with its latest designs.

Find out more about how the world’s largest zipper manufacturer is taking a step forward in ethical manufacturing and meet the YKK team at the Denim Première Vision show, 28th-29th May, in Milan.

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