Yarns : Spring Summer 21 Season’s Opener

From the very first step, yarns trigger best practices in the design of fair and attractive clothing. With a clear-sighted ego-conscious approach, the spinning industry looks ahead, to bring all the fashion activity sectors along with it on a virtuous path. Conceived to perform well, yarn is the raw material of ingenious and appealing product developments.

Compositions are carefully calibrated and simplified to reduce both current and future environmental impacts. Luxury fibres, organic natural fibres and natural and cellulosic blends are newly considered for their recyclable potential. The quality of synthetics made from the textile fibres of used clothing, offcuts from fashion-manufacturing workshops, and plastic waste is improving, leading to meaningful second-lives that are anything but second choice.

The technical virtuosity of spinnings and throwings lead to perfectly structured materials, whether subtly fancy or with well-balanced functionalities. Knits will gain in stability and solidity without losing flexibility. Wovens will be enriched with new textures, gaining density without taking on weight. Yarns and fibres affirm their proactive position as initiators of fashions where beauty is never ceded to ecological concerns.

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