Yarns AW2122: Ecoresponsible

Highlights for spinning and flatbed knitwear. Yarns for wovens, circular knits and flatbed knits.

Yarns, the building blocks of eco-responsible textiles
Most markets have now put in place eco-responsible textile sourcing and the environmental footprint of a garment is calculated starting from the choice of its raw material. Fiber producers and yarn makers are committed to this ever-increasing and fundamental trend. The challenge for suppliers, upstream of the weaving and the knitting, is to propose compositions and production processes with a low ecological impact and to ensure the traceability of the items at the start of the chain. Solutions for a more eco-compatible fashion are diversifying and being examined at each stage in the production process. The questions of recycling, biodegradability and sustainability are the starting points for yarn conception. Alternatives to conventional synthetics and artificial fibers are improving. Organic natural fibers, FSC viscose, artificial fibers made from waste products, recycled synthetics and stretch materials and new bio-sourced polymers are developed as stand-alone products or in more respectful blends. <iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe>Exhibitors : 100% organic fibres: Natural Fiber, SC Grand, RSWM, Huafu Fashion, Natural Fiber / 100% recycled: Polyteks, Antex, Antex, Polyteks, Hung Chou Fibers, Antex, Almeidia

Virtuous naturals
Alternative plant-based fibers are emerging, encouraging better management of water, fertilizer and pesticide use. Pineapple fibers, bast fibers (hemp and linen) and kapok. Another option for minimizing the impacts of intensive agrarian and livestock farming, recycling of cotton and wool is gaining in strength and exploring new directions. The range of threads takes advantage of the recycling of denim and wools to create colors taken from the garment’s original format. Recycled cotton combines with organic cotton to guarantee 100% ecological compositions. Intimate blends of recycled cotton and long cotton fibers, regenerated wool and virgin wool are counting on their enhanced qualities to reduce pilling and maintain durability.

Considerate synthetics
To preserve fossil fuel resources, new synthetics are moving away from petrochemicals and gambling on polymers produced from renewable materials. Manufacturing processes allow stable colorations to be produced without dye residues. Mechanical or chemical recycling techniques are being perfected, which allows the range of transformable raw materials to be extended, to include old clothes, packaging plastic or ocean plastic.

Sustainable artificials
In combination with closed-circuit production cycles, new artificial fibers also include in their composition previously-unused plant waste, two important levers for minimizing chemical and energy impacts and preserving raw material resources. In complement to this, the production of viscose and Lyocell favors the use of cellulose from sources that are committed to responsible forest management. The offer from yarn makers and fiber producers is responding to and exceeding the demands of the various apparel sectors. Priority is given to durability and technicity for sport and functional products. There is an aesthetic and qualitative requirement for all developments in the fashion sector. Today, suppliers of textiles are able to offer creative, innovative and eco-responsible textiles. <iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; fullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe>Exhibitors: (Biopolymer blends: Naia from Eastman, Huafu Fashion, RSWM, Naia from Eastman / Organic & recycled blends: Else, RSWM, Natural Fibers, SC Grand / Recycled blends: SC Grand, Almeidia, Else, SC Grand

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