Wearable Lab: SKILLS², a brand new exhibit!

Once again this season, Fashion Tech will be one of the highlights at Première Vision Paris, with “Augmented Man” as its guiding theme.

Come discover SKILLS² / Clothing to augment our abilities, an exhibit designed especially for the event in the heart of the Wearable Lab space (Hall 6).

Discover four smart garments made by renowned designers who are particularly involved in the development of Fashion Tech products, and who have worked on the definition and possibilities of ‘augmented’ beings.



© Anrealage

Our apparel is a reflection of the time, it exceeds sheer functionality and represents more than a practical benefit. Our clothes accompany us through our evolutionary process, they bespeak our needs, as well as our desires. Bearing in mind this cultural significance, we are taking a look at the work of contemporary designers who dream of outfits that are able to feel, to recognize and to interact independently. And this ‘look’ goes well beyond the realm of fashion but aims to develop a new perspective of the world with regards to what we wear.

While, as of today, still being prototypes, some inventions foreshadow the radical changes our outfits and accessories will undergo in the future. But how exactly can our apparel enhance our abilities? How can it allow us to reach beyond our current (human) condition? What future do these creations give away, and how will our skills and performance be re-defined in this future? In which way can these inventions enhance the human subject that is wearing them?


Through the the presentation of four outfits (Maartje Dijkstra, Anrealage, and Ying Gao), as well as selection of future-oriented materials (done in cooperation with the database for materials: matériO’), and a virtual reality installation created by BeAnotherLab, the exhibition Skills² produced by Wearable Lab III invites you to re-imagine the connection between society, body and performance.


© materio

DUESSELDORF, GERMANY - JULY 21:  A model walks the runway wearing a design by Maartje Dijkstra as part of 3D Fashion Show by Lexus during Platform Fashion July 2018 at Areal Boehler on July 21, 2018 in Duesseldorf, Germany.  (Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Platform Fashion)

© Maartje Dikstra

> Don’t miss it next 12 to 14 February at the Wearable Lab, Hall 6
> More info about Wearable Lab


Curator : AnneSophie Bérard
Set Designer : Marion Thelma assisted by Camille Pawlotsky at the lights
Graphic Designer : Raphaël Azël Martinez
Interior designer : Les Ateliers du Spectacle
Executive Production : Le Coup d’Avance

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