Wearable Lab : « Reveal the Invisible » / Clara Daguin

On the occasion of Première Vision tradefair’s next edition, the Wearable Lab (a veritable specialized space within the salon) is enriching its offer, with the launch of a whole new space dedicated to fashion startups, an exhibition an exhibition designed by curator AnneSophie Bérard around the creative process of designer Clara Daguin, and a conferences cycle around innovations transforming the fashion industry.

©Marie-Amélie Tondu X Le Coup D’Avance 

Spotted during the 31st edition of the Hyères International Fashion & Photography Festival in 2016, Clara Daguin graduated from ENSAD Paris with a masters in fashion design, after a bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, obtained from California College of Arts in San Francisco. Growing up between Silicon Valley and Paris has had a great influence on her work, at the intersection between Couture and innovation.

Realisation : Denis Larzillière
Music : Azel Phara

Navigating between the two, she has accumulated rich experiences with some of the greatest fashion houses, from Margiela, or Alexander McQueen, to Iris van Herpen. Clara has naturally developed a curiosity for technology and participated in a workshop at MIT with Leah Buechley. Her proximity to many technological companies, with some of the most influential ones in the world, deepened her need for craftsmanship and human in the conception of innovation. It’s about preserving manual know-how in a world that can sometimes be dominated today by technology.

© Marie-Amélie Tondu X Le Coup D’Avance

Using light as an ornament, her creations blend visible and invisible, delicately revealing subtle interactions with the body of the wearer, or with her environment: heart rate, wireless network levels…

© Marie-Amélie Tondu X Le Coup D’Avance

Conceived as an immersion in the creative process of the designer, the exhibition “Reveal the Invisible” tries to show what is often hidden, namely the path traveled between the first idea and the final creation of the artist: sketches, experimentation, materials, fabrics, components, tools … An invitation to discover the artist in the intimacy of her work, allowing to better understand how the encounter between fashion and innovation allows the expression of new imaginary and uses territories.” explains AnneSophie Bérard.

Curator, AnneSophie Bérard
Set Designer, Marion Thelma & Camille Pawlotsky
Production Director, Marc Brunet
Graphic Designer, Raphaël Martinez
Photographer, Marie-Amélie Tondu
Film Director, Denis Larzillière

Curious to discover more on the subject? Visit the Wearable Lab space at Première Vision, February 13-15 in Villepinte, Paris. We will also be on site to host a Facebook live video during which we will discuss with Gilles Lasbordes, General Manager at Première Vision and three exhibiting startups to discuss around their latest innovations and their vision of the future of fashion through innovation.

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