Wearable Lab : communication, retail and after sales

On the occasion of Première Vision tradefair’s next edition, the Wearable Lab (a veritable specialized space within the salon) is enriching its offer, with the launch of a whole new space dedicated to fashion startups, an exhibition around the creative process of designer Clara Daguin, and a conferences cycle around innovations transforming the fashion industry.

Communication: new materialx, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and immersive technologies

Communication (in all industries) was one of the first areas to be transformed by the advent of the Internet and later by social media. This is how the digital began to shake up fashion. Today, it is one of the areas where innovation is most expected and observed. This is evidenced by the numerous projects incorporating new technologies that we saw in recent years.

Among the most used, we find immersive technologies and more specifically virtual reality. For example, designers like Tommy Hilfiger tried it out in 2015, allowing visitors to their stores to discover the latest show of the brand. Another example, this time for Diesel’s Only The Brave perfumes, where the brand has developed, in collaboration with Backlight studio, a virtual reality retail experience, where you’re asked to catch a perfume at the edge of a window on the top of a New York skyscraper. An experience so convincing to your brain, that it gives it a very real vertigo feeling!

Other technologies such as artificial intelligence are also widely used, especially through the famous chatbots. Contraction of chat (for instant chat) and robot, they are automated conversational robots. The best known one, Jam, used to be working at through SMS, and now via Messenger (Facebook). It allows students to quickly and easily answer their questions. On the fashion side, there is Alix, a chatbot dedicated to men’s fashion, which helps men easily find the clothes they are looking for.

Retail: 3D printing, Internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and immersive technologies


While traditional stores are increasingly suffering from the competition of e-commerce, innovation is often seen as a solution to (re)give consumers the desire to come instore. Allowing an augmented customer experience, new technologies are eagerly observed by retailers, as evidenced by countless articles on the subject that can be found online, or the many “store of the future” concepts launched in the past two years.

Among the most relevant examples is the startup Endeer, which offers women to scan their chest to print in 3D a custom-made frame to insert in their bra, for an optimal fitting.

After sales: Internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, and immersive technologies

Finally, after-sales can also be improved by the use of technologies. For example, the Internet of Things, or more precisely the Internet of clothing (with the integration of RFID chips inside the garments to track them) makes it possible to ensure a better transparency and to improve after-sales services. Still prospective, this use is just one example of what can be achieved in the field through the above innovations.

Situated at the centre of Première Vision Paris, organized around four pivotal points, this 900m2 village will present a 360° offer of technologies, materials, connections and discoveries:

CONNECT / products & services
Professionals involved with the creation and/or development of innovative materials, processes and/or products applied to the creative fashion industry.

EXPLORE / prototypes & labs
A space for experimentation, to discover working prototypes, test them, and discuss future issues and challenges.

INSPIRE / creation & designers
Inspiring and creative, the Wearable Lab exhibition invites visitors to take the time to discover new trends and imaginative designer visions.

INTERACT / talks & pitches
A program of conferences ranging from startup pitches to expert round tables. Analysis, exploration and debates will further the decoding of this rapidly expanding new ecosystem.

Curious to discover more on the subject? Visit the Wearable Lab space at Première Vision, February 13-15 in Villepinte, Paris. We will also be on site to host a Facebook live video during which we will discuss with exhibiting startups around their latest innovations and their vision of the future of fashion through innovation.

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