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As one of the pioneers in sustainable clothes hangers, Cortec has been strongly committed to the use of regional biomaterialsfor more than a decade. In close cooperation with our customers, our constant efforts seem to be bearing fruit. In the last four years alone, we have almost tripled the amount of biomaterialsused in our production.

However, we refuse to rest on our laurels – on the contrary, we continue to work intensively on expanding the use of biomaterials, so that sustainables will very soon become the dominant raw materials in our production.

In our search for raw materials that reduce the carbon footprint of our hangers, we discovered what we were looking for on our doorstep. Because field grass is plentiful in our region. The surplus supply of field grass is normally used to extract energy from biogas and often the cellulose fibers it contains, which make up about 40% of the blade of grass. However, cellulose fibers are also a valuable commodity with very good material properties. And this natural fiber power pack is the starting point for our globally unique grass clothes hanger.

Together with our neighbors – the globally unique “grass factory” – we have developed a biomaterial that combines the grass fibers with recycled or biodegradable plastics and is perfectly suited to the production of clothes hangers. The AgriPlast material is checked and meets the strict requirements of the EU’s EN 71-3 toy safety standard. AgriPlast is considerably more heat-resistant than PLA, which is obtained from corn starch and definitely cheaper than cellulose acetate extracted from wood waste.

This distinguishes the unique grass material from many other wood-based biomaterials (often lignin), which may release harmful substances such as phenols or dioxins when processed. In addition, we pay close and critical attention to logging and harvest cycles. This mix of various advantages and especially the positive environmental balances makes the new Corteco hanger series so appealing, that various internationally well-known brands now only present their collections on our grass hangers, made in Odenwald. Our grass hanger looks like becoming a genuine evergreen.

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